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Choden Rinpoche - Australia and New Zealand Tour March 2011


Venerable Choden Rinpoche will give teachings and initiations in March 2011 at the FPMT centres in Perth, Brisbane and Sydney. An eminent lama and scholar, who is recognised as a skilful teacher in the Mahayana tradition.

"Rinpoche has vast knowledge and experience—not only having vast intellectual understanding, but also his holy mind enriched with oceans of realizations as vast as space, being soft-minded, having completed the mind training in good heart, being pure and possessing all the qualities of the learned ones’." Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Hayagriva Buddhist Centre Perth Friday 04 March 7.00pm Three Higher Trainings
www.hayagriva.org.au Saturday 05 March 2.00pm Three Higher Trainings
Sunday 06 March 2.00pm Jenang Hayagriva,Vajrapani and Garuda
Langri Tangpa Centre Brisbane Friday 11 March 6.30pm Purification using 4 Opponent powers
www.langritangpa.org.au Saturday 12 March 2.00pm Initiation Vajrasattva Lower Tantra
Sunday 13 March 2.00pm Vajrasattva Commentary
Vajrayana Institute Sydney Friday 18 March 7.00pm Five Powers of the Mind
www.vajrayana.com.au Saturday 19 March 2.00pm Gyalwa Gyatso Initiation
Sunday 20 March 2.00pm Gyalwa Gyatso Initiation


New Zealand Schedule


March 23 & 24

Rinpoche will do preparation for the morning with Initiation beginning at 3.30pm each day.

Please note there are lifetime commitments associated with taking this Highest Yoga Tantra initiation.

Please email or give us a call if you wish to discuss these commitments. +64 3 5432021

March 26 & 27 

10am                    Yamantaka long sadana

12.30pm              Lunch

3pm – 4pm          Discussion on practice of Yamantaka

6pm                     Evening meal

7..30pm               Protector prayers

Rinpoche is resting these days and sessions taken by senior sanga.

March 28 to 31

10am                     Yamantaka long sadana

12.30                     Lunch

2.30pm                 Discussion with Geshe Gyalten

4pm – 6pm            Ven  Choden Rinpoche teaches

6.30                       Evening meal

Only those with a Highest Yoga Tantra initiation are eligible to attend these teachings.

If unsure please contact us.


The cost is calculated on a daily basis accordingly people can join for as many days as possible.

Daily charge  $80NZ – this is a facility fee covering Rinpoches travel from India and expenses, and includes vegetarian lunches.

Accomodation can be provided and camping is available for an additional charge of $35 per day, including all food.

We have a great vegetarian cook on site!

We will pick you up from the Nelson airport and deliver you to your return flight, or anywhere in the Nelson City area.

Books are essential please email via the web site or call us on +64 3 5432021.

This is a rare and profound opportunity   to receive teachings from one of the greatest living Tibetan Buddhist masters alive.

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